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"The sort who may well conquer the world, if he doesn’t destroy it first." - Boog City Press

"A bristling ball of energy" - Creative Loafing Charlotte

Oct 02
Sep 27

Brook Pridemore - “Oh, E!” (Official Music Video)
Directed by Cannonball Statman at a house show in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Summer 2013.
Brook actually played a full set at this house show! It was real. Not a sound stage, or trick photography. Out of System Transfer played too. Cannonball Statman played a set later the same night, with a 5 piece band that was far too loud for a neighbor (or two, or ten). Because of Cannonball-related noise complaints, Kung Fu Crimewave finished the night with a completely unplugged/acoustic set, but as a full band. It might’ve been the best Kung Fu Crimewave set of all time. Members from all those bands also appear as “Brook Pridemore” this video. Woof.

Sep 21
Sep 18

Photos by Michelle Krivo! Cannonball Statman unleashes some demons at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick, Brooklyn. August 2014.

Sep 17

Photos by Forrest Tang, from the Cannonball Statman show at Palisades in Bushwick, Brooklyn back in August! This is your brain on dogs.

Sep 16

Cannonball Statman rocking the Beverly Mud Album Release Party in Philly earlier this month! Photos by Mallory Feuer from The Grasping Straws.

Sep 15

Cannonball Statman is flown in via carrier pigeon from Brooklyn, NY to play his new song “Wormwood Toxicity” at Beverly Mud’s Album Release Party at their house in Philly earlier this month! Filmed by Mallory Feuer from The Grasping Straws.

Aug 26

Cannonball Statman performs “Strasbourg” (song about Cannonball’s nonexistent evil twin - from his split EP with Phoebe Novak, “Dogs vs. Cats”) @ Roux in Charlotte, NC! A flashback from the December 2013 Dogs vs. Cats USA tour. Camera: Kaylyn Gruber.

Aug 18

Cannonball Statman’s full set at the 30th annual NYC Summer Antifolk Fest, at Sidewalk Cafe! Bend your eardrums beyond recognition…

Stat List: Frostbite, Horse, Wormwood Toxicity, Strasbourg, Carlos is on Fire, Tiger, Mud Therapy, and Cannonball Becomes the One Armed Man.

Aug 14
Jul 30

Video Party


Joe Cozza and I became interested in the sex hotel across from where I was living this passed winter in Brooklyn.  We just finished filming the last scene. image



The night started out with a woman cursing us outside the hotel through a barred window.  Something along the lines of “shut the fuck up and get out of here”.  Eventually with the help of some awesome friends I got what I was looking for.  Here are some stillsimage

See Cannonball Statman as “the American flag” in the new Mimi Oz video out this Winter!

Jul 29

Cannonball Statman - “Frostbite” (Live Music Video)
Live audio recorded at DV8 Espresso Bar & Gallery in Greensburg, PA during Cannonball Statman’s July 2014 US tour with The Grasping Straws.Video directed and edited by Cannonball Statman.
Camera operated by Cannonball Statman, Katherine Koch, and Beth Heuer.

Jul 28

Cannonball Statman performs “Theme from Cannonball Statman” at Nick & Heather’s House in Mount Pleasant, MI. From Cannonball’s July 2014 US tour w/ The Grasping Straws.

"You ended up in the shopping mall, shopping for your clothes!"

Jul 24

Video of Cannonball Statman performing “Grand St” at Porter’s Pub in Columbus, OH - from the July 2014 US tour w/ The Grasping Straws!

+ there’s more where that came from!

Jul 23

Cannonball Statman performs a rare downtempo version of “Midnight in Kingston” at Radio Bean in Burlington, VT! From the July 2014 US tour w/ The Grasping Straws. Check out the official (double-tempo & triple-intensity) version from Cannonball’s 2014 full-length album Icepick!